Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a Very Dada Christmas and Other Confusions

Virtually killing yourself isn't as easy as one might think.

Despite my last post, some six weeks ago, knelling the blogging death bell (is "knelling" a word?), the link to "Burque Babble" has yet to have been removed by every single New Mexico website which links to every other NM website. I know because I am such a loser that I have actually looked around and noticed this.

This is hard to believe.

Most unbelievably, it might mean that the folks linking to Burque Babble never actually read this silly blog. Impossible, of course. Obviously the people running these other sites have simply been too overcome with grief at my passing to get around to removing the link. The link could also be a memento of sorts, a reminder of a better world, a happier in which Burque Babble vibrantly thrived. At least as much as an inorganic blogging entity can be said to "vibrantly thrive".

Regardless of the true reason, the fact remains that this pitiful molecule on the flea butt on the mangy dog on the shag carpet of the Internet universe still exists. And like nature (and mangy dogs), I abhor both vacuum cleaners and a vacuum.

So instead of vacuuming and other household chores this sunny but cold windy day, I'm addressing you, the obsessive person who obsessively clicks on NM website blog roll entries.

And while I have you, obsessive clicking person, let me first say: Hello!

Hello obsessive person! Hold on! Before you move on to another obsessive click to another site on the NM blogroll ask yourself this question:

Does Albuquerque and New Mexico need another source for K-12 education news?

What's that you We don't? Oh, I kinda expected you to answer yes to that one. Hmmm... I thought you'd feel we need good sources for education news, especially as NM is particularly craptastic in this area. Well, how about this one?

Does Albuquerque need an Ethiopian restaurant?

Okay, I admit it..that was fish in a barrel. But I needed an easy "yes" question in order to get you ready for the next one:

Could Albuquerque and New Mexico use an online humor "magazine"?

Dear Obsessively Clicking Person (DOCP): Do you feel there are hundreds, if not millions, of Manny Aragon and Robert Vigil jokes that went publicly untold because there is no real venue for venomous, but somewhat articulate, lampooning of local authorities?

Perhaps, instead of a simple answer "yes", these questions lead to some of your own, dear DOCP, including "Why is Scot asking these questions, and why would he bother posting such blather when he could be vacuuming his dog hair-infested house? Not to mention that his blog is 'dead' and like the dead he is largely talking to himself here?"

And to anticipate your follow-up question: No, drinking is not involved here, nor psychotropic drugs nor sheer vacuum cleaner avoidance.

What is involved here, I just don't rightly know...other than some thoughts on death, blogging death, life after death, both blogging and know, the same Holiday Season thought pattern almost all of us have, especially those in the K-12 teaching profession.

There's more, but I think I've confused everybody enough, especially me, for now. And maybe that's the best way to leave things permanently here, with everyone perfectly confused in some Dadaesque reverie.

But I don't know. We might not be done. There's still one or two Manny Aragon jokes that desperately need to be told. Not to mention the Richard Berry, Darren White, et. al. opportunities.

Why do I feel like Walter Huston in the flophouse talking to Fred C. Dobbs about gold in "the Treasure of the Sierra Madre"? Or more specifically like Walter Huston talking to himself?

I know what blogging does to men's souls.

Have a Merry Break, everyone...Dada as you wanna be.


John Fleck said...

Count me in the "overcome with grief category." Though I had to look, and it turns out that I wasn't linking to you in the first place.

SydTheSkeptic said...

What is this strange thing in my RSS feed?

Happy holidaze.
You better be writin' that BOOK, damn it, or I'm starvin' for quality local commentary for NOTHIN'!

coco said...

I'm really glad you never left and that you're back from not being gone.

tracy said...

Overcome with grief!

Teresa said...

Devastated. Overcome with grief. Missing my education fix.