Saturday, December 30, 2006

What? A Post About the Snowstorm? How Unique!

I just got through shoveling the walk. In Albuquerque.

I'm so happy. And I know why so many drop dead while snow shoveling.

Yes, here in little Albuquerque we've had us a record snowfall. Accounts vary of course, but I'm guessing we have had about 10 inches down here in the South Valley, with some flurries continuing at present just to let us know who's boss.

ABQ readers know this already, and those who haven't had heart attacks from shoveling are playing out in the snow. On the off chance you're not from here, let it be known that I've lived here 13 years and have never seen a snow event like this one.

And as a snow junkie who has complained bitterly, loud and whiningly via this blog and elsewhere about the paucity of snow round these parts, I am digging it (sometimes literally).

I had all the typical snow junkie attributes yesterday: 1. inability to stop looking out the window; 2. lack of sleep because it wasn't stopping; 3. overly faux deep contemplation of what snow means as a symbolic blanket covering all the unlikable conditions on Planet Earth with a pleasant blanket of completely non-man-made materials; 4. near-continuous comments to my wife that "it's still snowing".

A great day all around, and today we get to pretend to do chores like shoveling when it's really just an excuse to play in the stuff. And then we're gonna play in the stuff.

One of the major branches in this tree just broke off. I'm off to deal with it.
Snowstorms aren't all good news I guess.

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