Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Munich Sßahn and the SV NotSoßahn

Here in Munich, I could be all serious and go on and on about how observing life here for just two days makes one immediately aware of how Americans are simply doomed when it comes to correcting global warming in contrast to a Europe that is light years ahead on the issue. Or I could just mention how the z and y keys are switched on the German keyboard. Maybe I will stick to the keyboard issues because they are not nearly as depressing as comparing the solid 150 yard line of bikes parked sidebyside this morning at a SBahn parknride to cycling life in the States. Much better to just note that I cant find the apostrophe key here in the dark at 430 in the morning, or the colon key, or the hyphen. Not to mention the quotation marks for things like ParkNRide.

Which reminds me that I never mentioned the construction going on and just about finished for the South Valley RailRunner stop. Quite a big parking lot being constructed next to the platform, and I swear I want that parking lot to be filled as savvy commuters swarm to the train. That would be great, but I deeply doubt it will happen. Again I hope Im wrong and we one day soon have a mass transit system one onehundredth as good as the one here in Munich, with its roughly 12 subway lines, myriad electric trams and bus route support. Man that would be great. Man, I just dont see that happening.

I guess one big reason is that I currently plan on driving on 2nd street alongside the RailRunner as I meander my way to work. Id love to say otherwise, but without a more complete, more frequent system to go along with the one rail line, it just doesnt make sense. Not to mention that the South Valley station is located in an area not many are keen on leaving a parked car at. I will gulp with a bit of shame, but I will simply be waving at the RailRunner stopped to pick up its mob of SV commuters.

Damn, wandered off from talking about the little funny things of my German keyboard. Maybe Ill get to more of that when I switch to the Czech model in Prague later today. Or maybe instead Ill just moan some more about relative differences in public transit between major European cities and hoping to be major someday American ones.


kate said...

Write me back now; I've lost your e-mail -- kate

Don said...


Good points regarding the "Sunport" station. I envision many a dismayed airline passenger fresh off the Rail Runner staring up across the alfalfa fields at the Sunport's hangars, wondering where they are. I would imagine that MRCOG or the Sunport will be providing some kind of shuttle.

Enjoy Prague. Great city.

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