Monday, March 05, 2007

You've Lost That Wilson Feeling....Ohhh, That Wilson Feeling

I've been trying to figure out why I'm not having a schadenfreude love fest with the news that Pete Domenici and now Heather Wilson have admitted pressuring U.S. Attorney David Iglesias. A few months back I would have been on a natural high of Everestian proportions over this thing. Peals of ceaseless laughter would have been heard coming from my house for days on end. Now, pretty much nothing. I think I've figured out why:

1. The voters of NM-1 chose to keep Heather Wilson. We in NM-1 deserve every ethic violation we get. We deserve Karl Rovian power politics because we had the chance to get rid of Wilson, yet meekly chose to re-elect this war-mongering, flip-flopping, out-of-touch charade of a congresswoman. And Pete has a Caesar-style lifetime appointment now, so it doesn't matter what stupid thing he says or does. That's the deal we've made, Heather and Pete, and we deserve all the lousy governing we get from the deal. I repeat my oft-made the *%$#@%^ election, people. Just win the *%$#@%^ election.

2. The underlying story here is shenanigans perpetrated by your NM Democrats. I have the sneaky, stomach-punched feeling that a few years from now we'll be remembering this whole deal more for the Manny Aragon and crew angle than the Wilson/Domenici angle. Just a hunch. I realize saying this now almost seems preposterous in today's news cycle. In fact, it sounds very preposterous. But I still have this hunch.

So while Daily Kos and others on the left are whooping it up now, I'm pretty much unable to even crack a smile about the whole deal. Both sides suck. We voted for Wilson. What's there to get all pimply from schadenfreude excitement about?


P.S.: News about the NM Legislature passing impeachment resolutions has me feeling the same way, if not even more apathetic. Not only do I disagree with the idea of impeachment in general, but we're supposed to believe impeachment of this President is a possibility when the Democratically-controlled Congress can't even get its act together on how to influence the direction of the Iraq invasion? And Joe Lieberman is the tenuous hold on a majority in the Senate? Are you kidding me?


the zoom said...

I would like to make an argument in defense of Sen. Pete Domenici and Congresswoman Heather Wilson and all the people who got caught in the mess of the fired prosecutors.

Over the last few days I was thinking to myself "how is it possible that the republicans are out of power, but still have so many ethical problems"?

To answer the question, I have to go back to communication…

When the democrats have a problem with an elected official they do their research. They find a small thing they can pin on him, and then make a big noise. They demand an investigation. They demand that the Department of Justice should appoint a 'special' prosecutor.

A nice fellow sits at home one night listening to the news, and he hears that Sen. Someone Democrat… is demanding an investigation into Somebody Republican, and not just an investigation, but the Attorney General should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged crime. What is the first thing that crossed his mind? "A special prosecutor….This is a serious crime". Now you can come and knock on his door and tell him that the special prosecutor came up with nothing but the only thing he will now likely remember is "this guy is a criminal". The Republican, under suspicion, is already a shade grey in everyone's mind. So the democrats get the job done.

What happens if it's vice versa, and the Democrat is under suspicion?

The Republicans hear that there is a criminal investigation going on involving a Democrat. What do they do? They call (the arrogant, selfish) prosecutor, and ask him (not demand him to investigate) about the investigation… Don’t you think that a phone call to a news reporter is worth more money then to call a prosecutor?

Ultimately, the voters decide who is eligible for office, largely based on ethical behavior. The republican lack of conveying misconduct to the public is a major factor in their current political status, which doesn't seem to be bettering.

Ched MacQuigg said...

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