Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Elegy For the NM Voter ID Card

It was such a glorious dream, a dynamic vision encapsulated onto a simple white plastic card. The New Mexico Voter ID card. A credit card to protect democracy! Right down to the magnetic stripe! Heck, even the size and feel said to the purported NM voter, I am somebody! I am worthy to vote in an election! My correct address may even appear correctly on this very impressive looking card!

Alas, it is now reported that the card is as defunct of its powers as the mysterious "magnetic stripe of future freedom" etched along its back. Au revoir, NM Voter ID card! Parting from my wallet is such sour sorrow. What could have been, if only..., but alas (and that's two alases now, if alases is the correct plural form of alas) I simply hold back a participatory democracy tear as I toss you, reluctantly, into a special place for poorly conceived and executed $1 million ideas. I think I'll put you right next to the Bill Richardson Energy Rebate check, and my Gerald Ford "Whip Inflation Now (WIN)" button.

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