Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guatemala Trip Report III: Scot Rejoins the Bourgeoisie

Guatemala City, Guatemala --

When you´ve driven from Nebaj to Coban to Tikal to Guatemala City in the space of five days you see alot of things, but you don´t SEE alot of things. Being held hostage by hyper-speed travelers, I am being released today to spend a week, a whole week, just holed up in one place really getting some sense of a single place.

That place was originally going to be Quetzaltenango, where I stayed for five weeks back in ´92, but, in a fit of upper-mobility travel sensibility, I have decided to spend a week in slightly more posh and touristed Antigua instead. On some level I feel guilty about this, but I can get through that with the first surrounding volcano I climb. That and a morning or two spent drinking good coffee after a good, hot shower. Oh, the decadence, sweet decadence.

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