Monday, June 04, 2007

Team O'Malley: Heck Yeah!

Watching the ABQ City Council override Feudal Prince Marty's veto of the city budget was damn close to inspiring. They just went to dinner break, but not before Council President O'Malley and her coalition lambasted, ranted and railed against the Feudal Prince using compelling argumentation (Cadigan), near-screams about "intimidation" (Winter) and barely controlled rage (O'Malley) that might be summed up thusly: Feudal Prince Marty is a jerk. Period. End of story.

Damn close to inspiring and it makes one just want to say "Booyah Feudal Prince! Booyah!" But we're far too mature and sophisticated here at Burque Babble to do that, and besides "Booyah" is so very 1993 or so.

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Kelsey Atherton said...

I'm all for limits against this mayor. And while its a step (or twelve) beyond "booyah!", a good friend of mine printed out little note card sized pictures of our Mayor with the words "Local Terrorist" right before the last Mayoral election.

Te-he please don't get me Homeland Security