Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still No Word From Gus Hall or George Wallace

In the graphic above, Ralph Nader would represent which of the pictured elements?
If you said, "thin scummy layer of soil which helps prevent the plant from breaking through to the surface" you're right! (insert remainder of deeply profound photosynthesis/Election 2008 metaphor here)

Ralph Nader announced today that he is still alive on "Meet The Press". Next week's guest on "MTP": Generalissimo Francisco Franco, who is expected to announce he is still dead. Nader also added that, since he's alive and all, he might as well run for President again.

In other important news, the humble scribe of "Burque Babble" has allergies this morning, plants continue to grow through a process known as "photosynthesis", and a "stitch in time saves nine". It is unknown whether Mr. Nader's continued living status will have an impact on the presidential race, my allergies or figuring out what the hell "a stitch in time saves nine" actually means. Photosynthesis is expected to continue, despite Mr. Nader's very, very important announcement.

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Anonymous said...

If it takes a combination of chlorophyll, soil, light, water, and CO2 to make a plant green (wonderful, mysterious creation), I say let Nader run. Those who voted for Nader are/were like him, dissatisfied with both candidates/parties. Wake up Democrats, the sun is shining. Quit pretending it doesn't matter.
PS: the reason Gore didn't win has as much to do with Bill Clinton as it does Nader (right Hillary?).