Thursday, August 07, 2008

Now With 90% Less Mind-Numbing Test Score Coverage, Promise!

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere close to the 145,000 words of the previous post on testing, but have you noticed the relative lack of news outrage and public opinion aghastation (or aghastiosity) about this year's test scores?

The scores came out, media reports happened that day, but the ongoing hand-wringing hue, cry and wail seems less hueliffic, less wailicious.

Maybe I'm just missing this year's outcry (or maybe...see my previous way too damn long post). And maybe I should stop inventing stupid words. Regardless, KNME is doing its part on the subject of "AYP 2008" by having some folks, including your humble blogger, spew bile on the subject during its "The Line" show on Friday night (repeated, I believe, at some ridiculously early time on Sunday morning). Feel free to watch and see how "hueliffic" your humble blogger can be (extra bonus points for those who can spot my just almost gone "black eye" from a recent bicycle accident).

Meanwhile, us APS teacher folks started back yesterday with a day of "staff meetings". I'll avoid focusing on just how soul-crushing these meetings are from a content perspective and just relate how good it was to see all my teaching colleagues. Or ALMOST all of them. Really, well over 70%.

And speaking of made-up words, my favorite soul-crushing invent-o-word from yesterday is "consensagram". It just about makes me throw up just looking at that word, and I haven't even had breakfast yet.

Today....student registration. In other words, it's "show time, folks!"

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