Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Your New Mexico Legislature: Now That's "Special"!

My moratorium on any news of a political sort is going pretty well, but I made the big mistake of seeing a "report" last night on the just-concluded special session.

It must have been exceedingly "special".

Our "rebate" for the horrors of high-priced gasoline:
Up to $30,000 a get fifty bucks (plus $50 for each dependent)
and if I read it right, up to $70,000 you get twenty-five bucks...

All this specialness has me wondering:
  • I wonder what the administrative costs of doling out these piddly amounts will add up to;
  • I wonder if we'll get the same series of five separate mailers telling us: 1. Announcement: A rebate is coming; 2. Announcement: Here's how you will get your rebate; 3. Announcement: Your rebate should be here any day now, really!; 4. Announcement: Did you get your rebate? Because we're not so sure; 5. Apology: Here's why your rebate wasn't for as much as you thought it would be, and the obscure office to file a time-wasting grievance.
  • I wonder if we'll have that same stupid tax problem we had with the last lame "rebate" (remember that?);
  • I wonder what the average New Mexican thinks of paying legislators $144 a day per diem to give us fifty bucks, or twenty-five bucks;
  • And I wonder what combination of psychotropic drugs Senator Shannon Robinson is on these days....for even with my cone of political news silence firmly placed above me I have been unable to avoid hearing/reading some of the incredibly stupid things coming out of his mouth in recent weeks. So to read his comment in today's New Mexican...
"The only consensus we reached in the caucus the other day was that we really don't like each other all the time," Robinson said.
has a special warped poignancy that reminds me that I really need to keep this political news moratorium in place for as long as possible.

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