Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Could Someone Pass Me A Little Blue Standardized Testing Pill, Please?

The hard-hitting Albuquerque Journal series on "passing" schools in APS continues with a in-depth analysis of Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary winning a "Blue Ribbon" award.

In case you don't know, Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary is located at:

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For those who have followed the standardized testing rants here at Babble the last few days, here's the test scores that helped Georgia O'Keeffe win this award.

I know we don't have socio-economic class distinctions in this country, and that even bringing up class conflict and inequality just demeans those who might be in the unmentionable "lower classes". I mean this is America! We don't have lower classes here, just people who won't go out and get decently high paying jobs.

So forget I'm bringing up socio-economic class distinctions at all. That's crazy talk. I deeply apologize for it. It won't happen again.

P.S.: And yeah, Georgia O'Keeffe's AYP subgroup populations were too small to be included in the "pass/fail" analysis, but let's give that point a rest here. In fact, let's just quit thinking about what might one school "pass" and many others "fail" standardized testing altogether and just give some schools a shiny "Blue Ribbon". So much more pleasant this way.


Anonymous said...

Okay, now I am really confused. The Journal piece is lifted from the APS press release. The detail appears to show 316 students were "tested". So how do you extrapolate those results to the entire 600 student enrollment?

Amber in Albuquerque said...

@ anonymous

They don't test all the students. Just certain grades. Third grade is tested. I'm not sure which others are.

I love it when the Journal gets its education 'news' directly from APS without doing any follow up work.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the Journal gets its education 'news' directly from APS without doing any follow up work.

The Journal is in bed with APS. Must have something to do with real estate values.:)