Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Real Reason To "Suspend" A Pointless Campaign

I need some better photos of this guy

Last night's blogpost was called on account of horses. Instead of didactically, pedantically, and ranticiliously (new word) going on and on about whether there are more bad teachers or bad principals in the public school world, I was walking a horse under a moonless, starry sky, playing a very small part in trying to prevent a colic.

Worriedly walking fast in deep arena footing in the dark along with a possibly sick kinda realize what really matters. Everything looks okay this very early morning, but the older guy we know as "Volare" (pictured, badly, above) is a damn sight more important than any pointless blather I can make about public school teacher firing policies.

And with a 7:30 staff meeting this morning, more pointless blather will have to wait. I'm not much of an artist, but I think I'll spend the meeting doodling horses on the agenda and other "important" documents handed out at the meeting.

Pet something you love today.


Anonymous said...

Having had the walking the colic out of the horse a few times, you have my sympathy. It is truly a scary undertaking. Hope all is well this afternoon~

Amber in Albuquerque said...

Hope your horse is doing better. I'll send some prayers and some general purpose good mojo your way.

Sometimes I'm a cranky commenter, but only because I like the discussion.

Take care.