Monday, April 20, 2009

More Political Punditry From Your Local Guns/Ammo Dealer

The Wingnut reaction to Obama winning the Presidency has had one, very positive, outcome: we now get to hear what gun store owners think! For years I've kept the lid on my strong, burning desire to know what people like Jerry Ellenburger of Los Ranchos Guns ponder. It always seemed kinda selfish of me.

Little did I know everybody wants to know what Jerry Ellenburger and other pundits-in-camo-drag think about politics, Obama, etc. I feel so much better about my obsession with the Gun Dealer Mindset now!

Not to get greedy, but maybe the cable networks could go the next step and start hiring some of the more photogenic gun dealers as full-time pundits. Larry King is so terrible, and so terribly old, not to mention terrible...kick him out and replace him with Jerry Ellenburger of Los Ranchos Guns! Olbermann is worthless now that W/Cheney/Rove are gone....replace him with a rotating set of the now oft-quoted gun dealers wearing t-shirts with slogans like: "The last person on Earth will be carrying an AK-47."

Of course, Fox News doesn't need to hire any gun store owners, as they already have several on their lineup.

It's so good to be "out of the closet" now, so to speak, feeling free to enjoy my obsession with what survivalist small-business owners think about stuff. Maybe one day we will find gun dealers hosting "House Hunters International" on HGTV and "Chopped" on Food Network. Perhaps the day will come that we'll see them sitting in for Tony Kornheiser on "Pardon The Interruption", and sitting in for Stephen Colbert.

I know, I know...but a guy's gotta dream, don't he?

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