Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reading the Post-Newspaper News

Okay, I cheated a little today and actually looked at the story on clerical staffing cuts in APS. Still, I'm largely keeping to my no-Journal diet (about as well as I do any diet). So I end up going elsewhere for "news", including local TV spots like KOB. This morning I find in the story entitled "Economy Gets Blame For Rising Drug Arrests" the following:
"Also this week, deputies pulled over James Casaus at 2nd Street and Osuna. Inside his van, deputies say they found a can of vegetarian beans with small baggies of meth and marijuana inside."
Why the need to point out that the beans are "vegetarian"? Obviously, by having cans of vegetarian beans around his cramped one-bedroom studio apartment, Mr. Casaus is somehow more inclined to crime, specifically drug crime. Can these vegetarians and their cans of beans ever be stopped?

Then there is this quote from Bernalillo County Undersheriff Sal Baragiola (which might be the single greatest name for a cop/undersheriff ever):
“You end up with a wrap sheet, and when the job market improves, guess what, you're probably going to be unemployable because now you're a convicted drug felon," Baragiola said.
Now Burque Babble is probably the VERY last entity that should be making fun of copy errors by others. You can't thrown an electron rock without hitting a typo/glitch/bonehead grammatical disaster in these pages. Still..."wrap sheet"??? Like these newbie drug dealers will now end up with new supplies of Saran Wrap in which to cover unused portions of their vegetarian beans?

Methinks this Journal-free diet will be largely successful and ultimately rewarding. But there are downsides.

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