Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seattle v. Albuquerque: And It's Not About "Hipness"

Every state/city is suffering from budget problems these days. An interesting contrast exists between how Washington/Seattle is handling things vis-a-vis education differently than New Mexico/Albuquerque.

Governor Gregoire signed a new educational funding formula into law today. From the Seattle Times story the bill sounds quite similar to one proposed by NM Rep. Mimi Stewart. The New Mexico bill, as we know, didn't make it through the Legislature. The Washington formula economic impact?
Lawmakers and government officials have estimated the reforms could add as much as $4 billion a year to the just under $7 billion the state already spends on K-12 education annually.


Meanwhile, another Times story a day earlier points out that the Seattle Public Schools is "still finalizing the number of teachers, librarians, counselors and other certificated staff it intends to lay off for the coming school year."

This while Albuquerque Public Schools does plenty of cutting, but seems to be doing absolutely everything possible to save jobs.


I'm not saying one way of doing things is better than the other, but I have noticed a general (and I realize this is a generalization) difference having lived in both Seattle and Albuquerque. There seems to be a somewhat higher emphasis on the job versus what constitutes the job here. In Seattle, keeping jobs is slightly less important, and determining exactly what one does in that job is slightly more important.

Again, a gross generalization, but one with perhaps a tinge of veracity...maybe? And, as stated above, I don't favor one view over the other. I also will point out that, on this 178th day of the teaching school year, I LOVE, absolutely LOVE my job.

And not just because I'm about to have 11 or so weeks off.

I love my job on Day 13, Day 97, even Day 124 (right around testing). I'm glad APS is seeking to save jobs whenever possible. I do wonder a tiny, tiny bit if we're undermining the job of teaching so much that fewer and fewer people will LOVE their teaching jobs in the next few years.

Okay, maybe more than a tiny bit.

Three days to go folks. Three.

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