Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Back, Testing...Testing...Is This Thing On?

Dateline: Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

A month in Germany and I'm still typing z instead of y and vice-versa this earlz, earlz 3:30 in the New Mexico morning.

But I'm back and want to thank those who in some way (so many uses of the letter Y in English) followed along during my bike trip. I also want to some day start getting back into an online discussion of K-12 education issues, but that day will not be today.

Damn, this Y thing is murder.

Anyway, I hope to get back in the "blogging" swing of things, in particular a highly coordinated Internet-led attack leading to a huge revamping of No Child Left Behind in its Version 2.0 and all that. But before creating a manifesto on "What Is To Be Done", I need to do some very, very stinky laundry. And alot of other re-entering the day-to-day normal atmosphere sort of things.

But first, I gotta go to the Heidibrot Backstube and get a kaseschinkenbrotchen, followed up by a trip to the obst store for some morning cherries. What?!? No backerai just down the street here in the South Valley? No friendly down the street fruit/veggie bodega? No kaseschinkenbrotchen?

This is gonna take some adjusting.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Scot. I did enjoy the pictures, especially the horse show.
Rest up, then I look forward to your K-12, NCLB, APSBS discussions.

Mick said...

Wie geht's?
Welcome back, mit gefuhl(missed the umlaut).
Overcoming culture shock when coming back to the states takes time but eventually occurs. And the memories of the other culture remain forever, mein freund.