Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gone Writin'

Well, I've thought and pondered, considered and reflected, assessed and reassessed. I've posited, asserted and gone back to positing. I've covered a few mental chalkboards with arrows, Greek letters and those big three dot triangles meaning...probably meaning not much of anything.

Okay, this is overstating the case. To be honest, I've been busy and haven't had time to do more than twirl an idea around for a minute or two in the last few days. I also had some good counsel both here and in my "real" life on the subject. Thanks for that.

Meanwhile, my twirling has led, as twirling will do, back to my original thought.

I think it's time to go on hiatus here and do something else for a while. And yes, that something else might be a book. Or something. Else. But probably a book, using State-of-the-15th Century-Art technology for a while.

Which means little or no blogging here, as I want to spend the same "free" time on this other thing.

So the doctor is "out", the sign on the shingle has been taken down, the front door sign has been reversed from "open" to "closed".

No real advice as I leave for a while, other than be nice when you can, feisty when you have to be, and smart enough to know which of the two options best suits a particular moment. Hmm...maybe that's some advice better suited to myself, than to the prudent, thoughtful folks who have constituted my readership here.

Goodbye for now, prudent, thoughtful folks.


Steve Brugge said...

You'll be missed, Scot. I, however, will be first in line at the book signing!

Abuelita2 said...

No, no, no! I didn't mean you should write a book and stop your postings! Jeez, now what do we do?

Maybe.... once in a while. See, here's the deal. We teachers need someone to tell the real things, and make us laugh (or chuckle) while we read it. Makes it all bearable. Oh, well, you do what you gotta do. It will be good.

Anonymous said...

Sayonara, 'Burque-son.

Anonymous said...

I just hope your book is an expose on the goings on at APS! Written with extreme humour and sarcasm so that when the reader laughing hysterically on the floor gets himself up stops and realizes just how *(&^% up the system really is. Teaching is one of the only professions I know of where the definition of stress, (being held accountable for something over which you have no control, and even less input) is actually a job discription! We need you!!!!


SydTheSkeptic said...

Thanks for sharing your talent and your insights. It truly was a pleasure, Scot.

Best of luck to you on this new endeavor.

iller3257 said...

I love your blog and will miss your musings...take care!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mr. Key. When will you hav the time to write this so called "book" when you are so busy grading our papers especially the independent study rough drafts.

P.S I purposely made that a run on sentence! ;p

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Scot, we miss you!