Monday, May 15, 2006

And Down The Stretch They Come....

Heading into the last week or so of school and the posting is getting less frequent here at the Babble. I apologize for those who've taken the time to click on by and seen no new postings, but we teachers actually have to do icky things like grade papers and such as we get to the final ticks of the 180 day schedule.

Not that much seems to be going on or anything. The upcoming primary seems to be a real snoozefest, the biggest local news in the last two weeks has been a windstorm, and then there's been all these papers I've had to grade. Like a big stack.

A big part of the big stack was a bunch of student policy proposals on the subject of U.S. Immigration. We did a week looking at the subject in class, and I guess President Bush was paying attention. He's gonna be on TV tonight, according to all reports, talking about sending the National Guard to the Mexican border. The Prez is gettin' all Minutemen on us as an attempt to convince the more wingnuttery among his conservative base that maybe deporting 11 million illegals isn't such a good idea.

It's fun to see the Prez squirm on the issue, but we must have a absolute buttload of National Guard troops just sitting around, what with lots of them going to Iraq and Afghanistan. I haven't seen numbers on the proposed border deployment, but 1,951 miles of border is alot of ground to cover. Evidently that "can't get Guard troops to Katrina areas" problem has been taken care of.

Meanwhile, maybe Halliburton/KBR can get some contracts to put some of those mega-mall mess halls up along the more lonely border spots. Antelope Wells, NM could certainly use a giant mega-mall or two. Funny, in trying to find a good picture of said mega-malls, I ran across the KBR webpage which says "site is temporarily unavailable". When times get tough, those web development jobs are always the first to go....

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