Thursday, May 04, 2006

Let's Lynch the Landlord, Let's Lynch the Landlord


At least in blogland, a frequent argument (which I paraphrase here) is whether 'Burque is "cool", as in hip, or not. As with all such arguments, with the exception of whether Dick Cheney is evil incarnate, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Still, in my humble opinion, this town will never slant to the top end of the cool-o-meter until Kirtland Air Force Base closes.

Yes, I'm bringing that up again. Today's its because I read this story at NewWest about what Denver's doing with both the closed Stapleton Airport and Lowry AFB. Yes, we're talking housing subdivisions and such, but at least they are thoughtfully constructed housing subdivisions. More important, they show that there is LIFE AFTER BASE CLOSURE. In fact, a hipper life with fewer weapons of mass destruction. By the way, I still submit we're talking years and years of job creation for folks willing to clean up all the bomb sites at KAFB. Not to mention the Superfund Haz Mat opportunties.

In today's little allergy-addled antihistamine reverie, I see Feudal Prince Marty creating a Base Closure Future Planning Commission comprised of forward-thinking types instead of typical real-estate developers. I dimly see that Commission heading up to Denver and other "best practice" sites around the country where base closure has led to economic revitilization. Even more dimly, hazy to the point of barely visible, I watch the Commission members appear before the Congressional Base Closure Commission in D.C. and argue FOR the closure of the base as a means to help 'Burque grow, develop and "get way more cool, man".

Maybe I better switch my allergy medications, but I gotta admit the future looks great through these pharmaceutically-tinted rose colored glasses.

Update: Honest to God/Goddess or Todd Rundgren, the photo leading this entry comes from the Kirtland AFB website, with the caption "Cops-1, Protestors-0". I'm tellin' ya, ya can't make this stuff up. Orwell would just be taking dictation at this point.

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Anonymous said...

By now they've changed it, but Google still has a cache of it with the picture and the headline.