Thursday, May 25, 2006

An Important, Yet Humble, Announcement From the King of All Blog Media

For those of you unfortunate enough to read yesterday's Babble post, I feel compelled to first apologize for its vague navel-gazeriffic ponderousness. I also feel a need to speak on the massive, earth-shattering changes you will see over the summer here at the Babble. The seismic importance of the following announcement will, of course, also be simultaneously sent to all news media around the world, probably replacing stories on who won "American Idol" last night.

Announcement: Burque Babble will have more postings this summer, but the postings will be shorter and will be devoted more strictly to politics.

Man, I hope you were sitting down for that announcement. Seriously...catch your breath. You look a little green. Just take your time and let me know when you're ready to keep going.

I won't get into the reasons for this probably imperceptible change in blog delivery, other than the point about politics. It seems that the huge dedicated throng of Babble readers likes to read about stupid things said regarding NM politicians more than anything else, especially more than vague navel-gazeriffic ponderings.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about....

Steve D. Gallegos is running for NM Public Regulation Commission and he has always bothered me. He's the Gallegos who allegedly represented the South Valley on the Bernalillo County Commission and was also an ABQ City Councillor. He's running for PRC because he has nothing else to do following his termination as "Department of Transportation Legislative Liaison", a phony position created by Big Bill Richardson.

The New Mexican has a story about Gallegos and regarding the phony position the following sentence can be found:

"Gallegos was paid $83,000 a year in the job, and he said he was unaware that legally the position was only temporary."

Now I know we have some public officials in NM who aren't the hottest intellectual chile in the ristra, so to speak, but how stupid does a guy have to be not to know a job like that is temporary? And do we want a dude so blinded by $83,000 a year as to not ask questions about job permanency sitting on the PRC? Not to mention that Gallegos worked for US West/Qwest and never met a real estate developer he didn't like as Bernalillo County Commissioner.

Not exactly the guy we want setting public utility policy.

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