Monday, July 31, 2006

Bill Richardson's Brush With 'Netocracy

Over the weekend Bill Richardson posted his first DailyKos "diary". No word on if he's done with the guitar solo sound file for his MySpace page yet, or has finished/posted his YouTube video on tequila shooters.

You might have missed it because it was over the weekend and you, unlike boring me, only read Kos during work as a last resort before actually doing work. Bill's post itself is just a reprint of his Saturday response to Prez W's Radio Address. Notable for very little, although the electro-signature thing (shown above) is a nice faux touch.

Far better are the comments to the post. I'll leave it to those interested enough to do serious wading though the almost 400 responses for the full flavor. In Executive Summary, at least for me, the highlight overshadowing the many "Bill is God" and "I used to live in New Mexico and I miss it soooooooo much" comments is a threadlet complaining that Big Bill just posted and ran, not sticking around for questions. There is much blog-wonky etiquette teeth-gnashing from there, to the extent that if you took out phrases like "blog and run" and replaced them with "sixth level neutral good Cleric" you'd have your typical spirited conversation about Dungeons & Dragons.

I leave it to the reader to determine whether the Kos posting helped Big Bill with the Kos dweeb vote. I can report, however, that I'm now looking for a cool electro-signature thing with which to close my own posts now, like I'm signing a bill into law or something. So Presidential...

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