Saturday, July 29, 2006

Your Sample Should Be Back, Uh, Let's See, Ummm.....

Jasper Juinen/Associated Press

This morning's NY Times has a good article on the whole Floyd Landis mess, including the obvious point that if Landis has naturally elevated testosterone previous tests will indicate that. But one question remains...

Can't we get this "B" sample tested just a little, tiny, teeny-weeny bit faster? The whole world is watching, bashing Landis while the dude gets grilled about not remembering exactly how many beers he had the night before the test in question. Meanwhile, the "B" test sample is sitting in some lab somewhere waiting to get analyzed like Uncle Clyde's stool sample at the public health center downtown.

Can we get this "B" sample moved up to the front of the line? Sheesh, I thought these Euro folks had nationalized health and didn't have to wait forever on things like this, unlike Uncle Clyde and the rest of us 'mericans.

I have no idea if Floyd Landis was doping. I have no idea if he is a "cheater" or a victim here. Personally, I think the entire "doping" issue is already scientifically moot, and will be made only more so when genetic improvments are technologically possible in a few years. At some point, cycling, baseball and all the rest will just give up and we'll have laissez-faire, unpoliced sports anarchy.

Until then we have this latest act in the 2006 Tour de France multi-act opera of errors, in which Floyd Landis is Pagilacci, moaning and wailing his innocence in the modern sports clown suit that is the backwards baseball cap.

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