Friday, July 21, 2006

I've Been Everywhere And Boy Are My Insights Tired

Well, I'm back but I'll spare you the slideshow, the profound epiphany experienced during the climbing of Powder River Pass, the culminating spiritual release of completing 4,500 miles of driving over the course of most of a month.

But I will show you this picture of a large ceramic (I believe) dinosaur found outside Dinosaur, Colorado.

I'm still far from caught up on Albuquerque news, but in the short time looking around since I got back to ABQ & Technology I see that the Rail Runner has kicked off to almost universal praise, many people have decided that summer is a good time to shoot each other, and Manny Aragon is gone in that fake not-really-gone way, like some mass murderer in a slasher flick who is supposedly killed only to return when the teenage protagonist least expects it.

In the next few days I'll be recovering from the trip and it's many deep insights (which I promise not to foist upon you here), then resume this blog's steady, Israeli-style, bombardment of 'Burque bashing with frequent unfounded attacks on its more prominent citizenry.

But for now, another 10 hour "nap". This vacationing really takes it out on you.

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