Sunday, January 06, 2008

Memo To "Favorite Son": Time To Wake Up

Alright, alright...2008 promises to be so full of things political, devious and politically devious (redundant?) in our School District/City/State/Nation/Planet/Galaxy that Burque Babble cannot pass up the chance to blather about them. While you, dear reader, were off doing productive and interesting activities over the holidays, this pitiful excuse for a blog has been engaged in banal navel-gazing about blogs, blogging, what it all means, and other existential questions of virtual living.

In other words, you haven't missed a damn thing.

But now, like Nixon, we're tanned, rested and ready to face what looks to be the most interesting year for deviously political stuff in ages. Not to mention that whole "APS shops for a new Superintendent" thing, which admittedly is only exciting to about four people, but will certainly be good for a laugh or two.

Speaking of laughing, I know Bill Richardson is our "favorite son" (really?) and all, but exactly why is he still, allegedly, in the race, and why should anybody in New Mexico care one iota about him? I guess if you're good friends with the guy and you're thinking about sucking up for a Washington job after somebody other than Bill wins in November and hires Bill to be the Secretary of Something (or even more uselessly, Vice-President), it makes some sense to actually care at this point.

Anything other than that and you gotta wonder what's with all the attention to Mr. 2%, while Obama laps the quickly-shortening field. The Journal (and Bill) put it this way:

"The governor told the Journal on Friday that he will campaign in Nevada and hopes to make it to the Feb. 5 'Super Duper Tuesday' primaries that include New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and 19 other states.
'The West is where I'm strongest,' Richardson said Friday."

Strongest? Like 4-5% strong, maybe?

I don't get it, but then again I've never had the ego necessary to think I could win a race for animal control board. Maybe one's mind just has to be wired differently to keep pressing on like this. Same thing with Richardson supporters and the whole "favorite son" N.M. press coverage angle. Differently wired.

Meanwhile, watching Senator Clinton give speeches today in preternaturally cold New Hampshire the distinct smell of burnt toast was in the air, the eyes of the supporters and the tangible desperation of the woman herself. She's gonna have to find some dirt on Obama involving either live boys or dead girls in the very, very near future. Like tomorrow.

And having really done a rather good job in recent months of paying no attention whatsoever to the Presidential race it was a little alarming to see how desperate Clinton and the audience looked. I mean, I know it's butt cold there, but these people looked positively frigid.

Or maybe it was just seeing cadavers from the other Clinton's Administration like Madeleine Albright on the podium next to Hillary. Hillary's talking "change" while these ancient codgers from the heyday of the early 90s are trying to stay alive long enough to even see Election Day 2008.

Hillary ≠ Change

Hillary = Baggage

I've never mentioned it here, but I've always liked John Edwards (rich lawyer with pricey haircut or no), and it might be interesting to see how any eroding Clinton support swings his way over the next few weeks. Otherwise, it's not going to be interesting for Bill Richardson or anybody else, and "Obama Fever" will sweep even the West (where Bill is strongest!).

Lastly, I hope Governor Richardson wakes up from his ego nap in time to actually be present for our upcoming Legislative session. It's only a 30-dayer this go-round, we're supposedly short on cash, and if the Guv isn't here to do that leadership thing who knows what "belt-tightening" perniciousness will be afoot.

In our newly tanned, rested and ready condition we're (and by we, of course I mean me) all about the perniciousness. Bring on some perniciousness, baby!

And yes, I'm talking about the APS School Board. Maybe APS = Pernicious...and with that thought on our minds, we/I head back to Teacher Land for another semester.

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Kelsey Atherton said...

In four words and two characters, you summarize I candidate I wrote 4000+ words about, and you get it right. Dang it, Scot, it's good to have you back.