Friday, January 04, 2008

The Prince Keeps Pulling Me Back In

I swear I'm trying to wean myself from the Internet(s), but Marty "Hugo" Chávez keeps pulling me back in. The Feudal Prince is contemplating making Swedish the official language of Albuquerque an attempt to have ABQ's term limits for mayors ordinance thrown out so he can run for Mayor, again, in '09.

Guess those polls for the state races were REALLY, REALLY bad.

It is somewhat troubling that the Journal and reporter Dan McKay refer to the Mayor as "a moderate Democrat" (what does that make Joe Lieberman? a Monarchist?) instead of "Feudal Prince Marty", but it/he saves the day a bit with the acknowledgment that former "first lady" Margaret Aragon de Chávez might run in '09. This simply must happen.

Oh, and there's another story about changes in high school testing brought about by your New Mexico Legislature. Like a car crash or butt-ugly prize-winning float in a parade, it's hard to look away at the from the news and those questionable folks who make it, very hard. Not to mention Mike Huckabee.

Must....resist....temptation......alright, I can do it. Back to my laundry, reading a book, enjoying the gray skies. Mike Huckabee!?!


Anonymous said...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Around the Metro Area

Journal Staff Reports
Hearing Delayed
For APS Official
The ethics hearing for an Albuquerque Public Schools administrator has been postponed to Jan. 23.
The hearing for Elsy Fierro, who oversees the elementary and middle schools in the Rio Grande High cluster, is to determine whether she violated professional conduct standards last year when she ordered that a Rio Grande senior's grade be changed from an F to a D.
The hearing had been scheduled for Jan. 9 but was delayed at the request of the state.
The state sought the delay after a district judge granted a request by the student's family to block release of academic records.
The Public Education Department had planned to use those records during the hearing.

Anonymous said...

Front Page west

Saturday, January 5, 2008

APS Wants Impact Fee From County

By Andrea Schoellkopf
Journal Staff Writer
Albuquerque Public Schools officials are pressing Bernalillo County to adopt an impact fee similar to the city's, in which developers agree to help pay for school construction.

Commissioner Teresa Cordóva, whose district will receive four new Southwest Mesa schools, supports such a plan.
"It's another example of growth paying for itself," said Cordóva, who met with APS on Friday.

Hunter said...

Okay, you lost me with the "Swedish" reference. Did the Danes speak Swedish at the time of Hamlet? Wouldn't Italian be more appropriate, in honor of "The Prince"?

frannyzoo said...


The "Swedish" thing is one of the proclamations made by the new dictator after Woody Allen and other bearded guys overthrow the old one in "Bananas".

As for the APS stuff/comments, points well-taken. Between Election 2008 and APS Finds Its Super it might be too interesting a year to virtually pass up.