Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going Where The Pollen Suits My Nose

When the allergies get tough, the tough get out of the Western Hemisphere. In an effort to escape the juniper, mulberry and whatever the Hell else is making life a sneezing, watery eyes Hell, your humble blogger is heading out of town, state, country, Dodge and the half of the Earth we call home.

Okay, there are other reasons, too, but I can't remember a worse allergy season. Whine, whine, whine. I've also noticed that, for reasons unknown, people just don't enjoy hearing about your allergy suffering. I think we need an allergy support group. I think we need to acknowledge the pain and suffering of allergies and stop blatant allergy-sufferer discrimination. I think this cause is worthy of changes to both the Constitution and local/state hate crimes legislation.

Or maybe I just need to get out of town. I'll be even more intermittent than usual for the next little bit, but might have exciting travel stories to tell. Or maybe not. If I do have travel stories, they will most certainly feature details as to my levels of sneezing, watery eyes and Sudafed usage. Pretty riveting stuff, no doubt.

Regardless, please do, as we educators say, have a "Happy Spring Break". For those workers who don't get anything resembling a "Break" this time of year, we'll try not to rub it in too much.

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Anonymous said...

Scot - Have a wonderful vacation!