Sunday, March 02, 2008

You, They and Everybody Sucks. Sincerely, "Anonymous"

Sorry to bring it up, but occasionally your humble blogger contemplates the "anonymous" comment question. Basically, I'm torn: I don't like comments being "anonymous", but I don't like the idea of having to register for something like a "Google account". Yes, I think Gmail is the greatest thing since the metal filing cabinet circa 1953. Yes, I currently have 2,887 messages in my Gmail inbox (actual figure).

But I just don't like the idea of having to register for something just to speak one's mind.

Hmmm...a dilemma. And sure, it's been a dilemma for forever, but from time to time the "anonymous" comment thing bothers me, and this Superintendent selection process is one of those times.

Personally, I think we should all be upfront and identifiably public on the issue of a new APS leader. Same goes with the recent "6thgraderscan'twriteGate" at my place of employ, Jefferson Middle School. Hiding behind anonymity on subjects like this just seems wrong.

Having blathered on via 'Burque Babble for almost three years now, I'm sure at least one APS personage has been upset that some APS teacher has been publicly trashing APS decision this or political position that. I say this despite the fact that I have NEVER received any request to stop talking about said issues, not from my Principals, the District, nothing.

And that's the way it should be, because if it wasn't that way, and attempts were made to stifle public discussion of education issues by teachers, that would simply force this blog (and others) to go "anonymous" and underground and say far, far nastier things.

There is a responsibility to having your real name on something, even something as silly as a blog, and when it comes to these issues I'd personally prefer that everyone commenting here took on a bit of the same responsibility.

On the other hand, I detest avatars and only have the "frannyzoo" name because way back in the distant, pre You-Tube Internet past everyone thought it was a bad idea to have your real name on the Internet (remember those days?). And I'll change the "frannyzoo" as soon as I stop being lazy about it, and get the gumption to start throwing new link emails to those who choose to link here.

Maybe I should do that today, instead of writing rambling incoherent ambivalent calls for less internet anonymity on educational issues. Point taken. The whole "anonymous" thing is also less of an issue here than on more popular blogs, where trolling is far more rampant.

So why even bring it up? Again, point well taken, but sometimes it just bothers me and it's a windy Sunday morning and I think this is my fourth cup of coffee and there's been about 11 "anonymous" comments in a row.

Grouchy. I think the term here is grouchy.

P.S.: I plan on putting something together about the whole Jefferson MS kids can't write good situation, but think a 10-day or so moratorium on the subject is in order. I'll get around to that later this week.


Natalie said...

I always find it difficult to give "anonymous" commenters any kind of credence simply because they don't have the creativity to, at the very least, make up a name. lol
I mean, even names like "frannyzoo" and "barkingquark' have some level of conspicuousness.
So, yeah, this quark has barked about many of these topics but I still sign my name...
Natalie... 'cause, even though I'm really "secretagent39" on ISPYAPS, I'm still just a grumpy ol' quark at heart.

Anonymous said...

Several people HAVE to remain anonymous in order to be honest. Do either of you ever find yourself holding back or changing the way you phrase something, because of your connections with APS? Honestly?

It's therapeutic to have a place where you can completely let it all out - say how you really feel-and no one knows it's you.


Anonymous said...

what ever happened to Anonymous 6

Anonymous said...

It's true, everybody sucks.

Especially politicians, religious nuts, and companies disguised as the Government.

You know why anonymous is just that ?

I'll tell you why. They are afraid to act in a certain way in the public eye because they would be ridiculed due to this world's current need for everything to be politically correct.

Life itself is not politically correct. Politically correct is simply unnatural in every way.

Nowadays if you look at something that someone in power doesn't want you to look at, you get sent to jail.
If you say something offensive to a minority, you could get sued.

If you have to piss and there's no restroom around, so you go in a dirty filthy stinking alley that smells like someone died there already anyways, and a cop catches you, then you have to pay a fine or go to jail.

If you give a lady a compliment, then it's sexual harassment, and you get sued and/or go to jail.

If you walk your dog and it takes a shit and it's in a field full of other dogs' shit and someone notices, you pay a fine if it's a cop or get bitched at if it's someone who's never had to walk a dog before.

If you are the best driver in the world, and go 5 miles over speed limit once in your life, you get a ticket and pay a huge fine.

If you know the advantages and disadvantages that seatbelts give, and don't want to wear a seatbelt,
you HAVE to anyways, or you get ticketed and pay a huge fine.

On and On the list goes of the Rights being taken away from us by Government and Fools alike.

The Fools I refer to are those who think that something helps some sort of cause, but in reality it only gives the Government another excuse to take yet another Freedom away from us !

What is wrong with everyone ?

Our Ancestors would be ASHAMED of us !

Seriously folks .. this world is just messed up ... people starving to death in this country, and freedoms taken away, and terrorists acting the part of our government, and large corporations killing small businesses, and News stories more pornographic and violent than any porn or videogame, yet News never gets blamed for anything, because it's what's happening in the world ...

Nothing makes sense.

Everyone Sucks.

Sick Sad World. And Truth Hurts, so people would rather blame petty things and take their own Freedom away, just to keep from seeing the real Truth.

(shakes head in disgust)

Anonymous said...

>>"Our Ancestors would be ASHAMED of us !"<<

What...squashing public dissent was never a hobby of the vaunted Forefathers? Don't be too quick to judge the so-called honest legacies of the Elders, they were politicians as well.