Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Wednesday Link: Blue Snow

Today we find out if your humble blogger can withstand the combination of non-drowsy allergy pills and middle school children. A terrifying experiment brought on by the fact I can no longer stand the incessant stabbing pain in my eyes combined with the constant state of allergy-induced "crying" that makes me look and feel like a recently dumped person watching a Meg Ryan film marathon.

Speaking of environmental conditions, let move away from the horrors of juniper and other allergens, and instead look at a very pleasing map.

The above map shows snowpack levels throughout the West (click on it to enlarge). The deep blue and purple in Northern NM and Southern CO is very pleasing (the red down south, not so much), as it indicates snowpacks well above 100%.

I know John Fleck does a bang-up job keeping track of such information, but us allergy-suffering snow/weather junkies need our fix of meteorological graphics, too.

P.S.: I'm thinking this will be the first in an inconsistent series of midweek posting that are even less informative than the typical Babble postings. This J-O-B thing might provide plenty of blogging fodder (superintendent crap, etc.), but having early morning meetings three days a week doesn't leave much time to rant about having early morning meeting three days a week, or anything else.

Have I mentioned I also have allergies? And that I'm now on Walgreens' version of Sudafed? Out of my way, everybody! Crazy hopped-up "crying" person heading to work in the dark ahead!


LP said...


It's LP from New Mexico FBIHOP, and I'm wondering if you have an e-mail address where I could e-mail you at.

I'm here at a blogger conference in New Mexico and met a blogger from Wichita, KS who has some interesting things to say about our new superintendent. I know you're probably a bit burned out on the subject, but thought you might be interested.

jscotkey said...

LP: Sure...throw 'em at me.

I thought my email was on my profile...guess not.

Enjoy the conference.


Anonymous said...

I think enough has been said about the new superintendent, and that you should find something important to talk about.

How are your animals doing?