Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Bit of Unadorned Education v. Bailout Funding Context

Offered without comment, but with the very large public school education number first.
*Note: The education figure includes all expenditures by federal and state governments, as well as funds disbursed by school districts around the country. Most of that figure comes from non-federal entities. The annual U.S. Department of Education budget is around $56 billion.

Have a nice Monday everyone, whether you get the day off for "Hush, hush" Columbus Day "shhh....." or not. I'll be spending the black market holiday counting backwards from 5 trillion while teaching 1984, The Outsiders and any other subversive texts I can thrust before the eyes of my students.

P.S.: And speaking of financial markets and black market holidays, I discovered tonight that the Tokyo Stock Exchange was closed today (Monday) due to Japan's "Health and Sports Day". I know, we get Columbus, they get fitness. (Insert profound insight into comparative cultural systems or a simple joke here)

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Amber in Albuquerque said...

I think some of the bailout money should cover the cost of a copy of 1984 for everyone who gets to keep his/her job because of it (the bailout, not the book)especially the execs. Of course, we can't make them read it.