Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bike Chronicles: Has Anybody Done This On the Rail Runner Yet?

"A bicycle owner says she simply forgot she had brought her bike aboard the Bainbridge-bound ferry Wenatchee when she walked off without it late Wednesday afternoon."- Seattle Times. 3.6.09
The story goes on to say the Coast Guard undertook a four-hour search over 15 square miles of Elliott Bay looking for the possibly overboard bike owner. In retrospect, perhaps the fact the bike in question was a "red 10-speed Giant" instead of a poly-$K Cervelo or Merlin could have been a clue.

Meanwhile, John Fleck has an infrequent series called "Why We Ride"...why not steal the idea, dredge up some cheesy name and voila!: "Love Brokers"...uh... "Bike Chronicles"?!?

Okay, maybe a bad idea. This might be a one-off "bike chronicle" here, but we'll see. Come to think of it, maybe the "Why We Ride" thing isn't a series after all.'s looking too windy to enjoy riding today, so let's just waste more time obsessing over bike tours at Crazy Guy on a Bike instead.

P.S.: Firmly in the "Too Much Information Department", my nose is still clogged with impacted dirt, dust, sand and very small rocks from my last commute. Just thought you'd like to know. Photos available upon request.

P.P.S.: And while we're at it, why not complete the logrolling loop by linking to the link that links backs to here. This cycletron (get it, "cycle" tron....?) of blogo-energy is like some sort of 'Net-based Cold Fusion, but will probably not help to dramatically reduce our need for fossil fuels or anything. Okay, I'll shut up now.

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