Sunday, March 22, 2009

'Burque Babble Goes Euro For a Few Days

Telling people you're going to France amid the most wintry economic climate seen in years makes one a bit guilty. It's like being the guy who goes back the 3rd time to the Indian food buffet line, or orders that one more beer after everyone else has decided against it.

On the other hand, it was an economist (John Maynard Keynes) who said: "In the long run we are all dead."

So we're eating baguettes while the world economy burns.

I've never really been to France (the view from Charles de Gaulle Airport doesn't count), but my wife lived there for a while during her wilder, more carefree days. My French lessons went absolutely nowhere, so she will be doing ALL the talking for the next week while I practice my look of bemused semi-comprehension.

We will eat Proven├žal food (as much as our Euro conversion rate can afford..and more), walk through the village of Lourmarin tons of times, daydream about living in Provence over and over and over, and drive some dinky Citroen to a few other villages, places which we will also daydream about living in someday.

Then we will fly back and try to make it through the next eight weeks or so of school without ex or imploding.

We deliberately chose an apartment with no internet access, no television and such. Still, it is far too likely that I will spend too much time in Lourmarin internet cafes. I apologize in advance for any blogposts that might result from these ill-considered internet soirees.

Blogging is pathetic...blogging from Provence...there isn't a word that really captures just how pathetic that is.

Enjoy your time, whether considered "Spring Break" or not, wherever you may be. For those more economically sane folks who are staying home to save money....I applaud your frugality. For those of us extending our dissolute lives to other continents, it's only a credit card bill.

In the long run, we'll be dead. Seize the baguette, I say.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Dear Constituent,

I’m sorry that you feel that you are bearing the brunt of our budget woes because we passed HB 854. We have our backs against the wall and I’m only grateful that no one has lost their job yet. I trust this will be a temporary fix. Please know that I advocated for higher taxes to raise revenue but I was in the minority. In spite of it all I very much honor the work that you do and thank you for your contribution to this state.


Senator Dede Feldman

So here is my question Scot, the answer guy. How come they say education is getting millions in the stimulus package. Where are those millions going? I haven't succeeded in getting an answer from the legislators, as evidenced from the above. I just don't get it. Where is the money going?

Summer!!!! said...

Hey Mr. Key! I am exponentially jealous! I want to go to France. Dang. One day.

Have tons of fun and eat fabulous food.