Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Single Favorite AYP-related Newspaper Sentence Ever

Although both districts generally were high-performing, their grades slipped to “Continuous Improvement” — equal to a “C” rating — because of a single measure called Adequate Yearly Progress.
--from "Limit proposed for how far a school can slip on report card". William Hershey. Dayton (Ohio) Daily News. 10.01.09
This one sentence has it all. Buzzwords, contradictions, and a general feeling of "What the Hell are you talking about here?" It's like every meeting, slide show, and badly made video on standardized testing I've ever seen condensed into a single sentence.

Congrats, Mr. William Hershey of the Dayton Daily News. By explaining nothing you have explained everything. And no, I'm not joking or being sarcastic. The sentence above really does explain it all.

And that's the problem.

P.S.: If a school in Ohio "slips to 'continuous improvement'" can it then rise up to "maintaining mediocrity"? Or would it then need to "continuously unimprove"? What about Ohio schools already getting "A" and "B" grades? Are they already in an official state of "continuous unimprovement"? As in "Thank God we don't have to do this 'Continuous Improvement' bullshit anymore!"? The questions are many.

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Anonymous said...

We have adopted a continuous improvement process and are committed to working with the districts, including APS, to improve communication and data quality.

This from Veronica Garcia's latest editorial on why the PED messed up. No wonder continuous improvement means nothing.