Friday, March 31, 2006

The Lame Replacement of a YouTube Post

Did you ever write like the greatest 750 words in the history of (a long storied history that) and lose it in a computer crash? Now the world is deprived of those words. Think of the things those powerful words could have made better, people who could have been made happier, others who could have been led to a higher plane of consciousness.

It's a shame. And now I'm far too lazy to even bother recreating them. It wasn't that great a post, anyway.

Basically it was all about wasting my Spring Break in glorious gluttony watching versions of the Chris Parnell/whatever that guy name is SNL hip-hop/"Chronic"what?"les of Narnia" parody "Lazy Sunday" at

And yes, I realize that the whole SNL Chronic(what?) is so yesterday, like January 2006 over, and my perfect 750 words pointed that out, as well as the fact that I can't help it because: 1. I'm a schoolteacher; 2. I live in ABQ, which is always three months behind the times.

Anyway, my favorite is either "Lazy Muncie" (a popular choice) in "Midwest Style" or the West Coast take "Lazy Monday". Shades of early Beastie Boys back when at least I thought it was all a joke. Obviously from the 177 versions on YouTube home video lives, and if anything could use more parody (it already has enough self-parody) it's hip-hop and rap music.

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious

Now that's a great line, but seriously, I had 750 similarly great, perfectly placed perfect words right here on the page, and now....gone. Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde never had a computer crash! I gotta run. The tears are falling on the keyboard in buckets.

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