Monday, March 20, 2006

Re-entering the Blog Atmosphere

Man, you leave town for a few days and next thing you know Bill Richardson is negotiating with space aliens on terms for alien control of the planet. Actually, I wasn't gone that long, and it seems Big Bill wasn't negotiating as much as walking alongside the space aliens. Which, of course, can mean only one thing. Big Bill is working out to lose weight. No, it actually means Big Bill is courting the space alien vote in a blatant grab for votes in the heavily alien-visited trailer parks of New Hampshire.

As for Burque Babble, we're going to attend to the stinky clothes and bags of half-eaten Cheez-Its (okay..confession..the Cheez-Its are down to the crumbs) in the luggage before making an "official" post to this humble, and erratic, blog.

Oh, and there's the work thing...almost forgot about that. It's serious Spring now...just about all the teachers and students have forgotten about school at this point.

Keep walking Big Bill, it looks like you're making in-roads toward that Presidential candidate sveltivity (invented word). And I'm digging those walking shoes, but you might need some moleskin. Alot of it.

1 comment:

Your Neighborhood Redhead said...

I kind of feel pity for that man in the green and white...