Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Richardson Walks for President

The Journal this morning picks up the AP story that Bill Richardson is visiting New Hampshire to, among other things, participate in the Manchester N.H. St. Patrick's Day parade. For those who perfer executive summaries of things or just have ADD, let me help through a short poem:

Bill Richardson - New Hampshire.
Yes that New Hampshire.
The one with the 1st Presidential Primary
That one.

I'm linking to the Boston Globe version of the story because it has more meat about the whole President thing than the Journal version. Meanwhile, it's my humble opinion that Bill Richardson hasn't lost enough weight for a serious run for President. Some months back you might remember we constructed a Bill Richardson Weight Political Aspiration Matrix (WPAM) that scientifically analyzes the likelihood of a Richardson Presidential Run based on how flabby he is.

Reports so far seem to indicate that Richardson has only achieved "easy stroll for Governor" weight loss at this point, and is nowhere near the "Oprah-level mad-dash weight swing" necessary for a Presidential run. Right now, it's simply a St. Patrick's Day parade walk. He can handle that. Running for anything beyond reelection, or a doughnut, seems beyond him right now.

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Michelle Meaders said...

The article says he will be there the weekend of Mar. 18-19. It will be interesting to see if he responds to the many anti-war events scheduled for that weekend.
(It will be the third anniversary of the Iraq invasion.)