Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Cleaning in Blog (Jenga!) Land

As mentioned in harrowingly downbeat detail last week, this is "Spring Break" for us in the APS set. I've had a few days to decompress from the Apocalypse Now Willard-meets-Kurtz-esque final weeks before Break and can now report that I have the answer to all life's questions.

No, it's not 42. The answer is Spring Cleaning, to everything: home, brain, even this little blog. Like a cerebellum with too much synaptic detritus and cluttered bad memories, this blog (and yes, I'm still hoping the Jenga! people will lighten up and let us just use the term instead of the loathsome "blog") is gonna tidy up. I haven't touched the link column in ages. I haven't hung a picture up in forever. Here...here's a nice picture...I think it really ties the room together:

Hockney not avant-garde enough for you? Well, who cares..I'm Spring Cleaning everything, including my brain and staring at water sprinklers on a lawn is about all I can mentally handle right now.

Now to the Cleaning. It's like spending a day at a Spiritual retreat, but without the back and knee pain of sitting on a buckwheat pillow all day. Plus I get to listen to the entire Miles Davis 65-68 quintet recordings for Columbia (with Shorter, Williams, Hancock, Carter), instead of waiting for the sound of that bell that never seems to ring.

Om Mani Pade Me Hum, and all that jazz....

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