Monday, April 24, 2006

Big Bill's Unafraid To Tackle the Big Issues

"Organ (village outside Las Cruces) animal rights activist Bob Young told Richardson he was "disappointed" that the governor has not shown more support for legislation to ban cock fighting. New Mexico is one of the few states that has not banned cock fighting.

'I have not made up my mind on that,' Richardson said.

The governor added the arguments for and against cock fighting have been strong on both sides."
--from "Richardson Conducts Meeting", Steve Ramirez, Las Cruces Sun-News, 4/21/06

I was gonna leave the Guv alone on this one, but the quote above kept gnawing at me all weekend. Maybe it was Artie shooting that rabbit on the Sopranos last night that has kept me thinking about Big Bill's strong cockfighting stance this morning.

If Big Bill can't make up his mind on an issue as simple as banning cockfighting and tick off a few people in the process, how he's gonna do at taking real stands on real controversial issues when it comes time to tick off sizable portions of the electorate to do the right thing?

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