Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Training Politics, Beer and Other Sinful Matters

I notice Joltin' JoeMonahan.com has spent another 10 inches of electrons relating that Big Bill Richardson might not get 60% in his re-election win, this time because Hispanics can't stand him. I'm all for building excitement in political races, but last time I checked you can still win one of them Guv'nor races with less than 60% of the vote. If debating whether Big Bill gets 60 over and over constitutes building excitement we got us one hell of a boring Guv'nor race here.

And speaking of building electoral excitement...I'm giving Patsy Madrid one more chance and am actually venturing beyond the four psychedically painted walls of the Burque Babble Bunker to attend her alleged appearance Thursday night at the Democracy For New Mexico monthly meeting. My avid readership might remember that Patsy stood me up some months back at a scheduled DFNM meeting (which would have been the first I've ever attended). I was stung by the non-appearance, but I've had a few sessions of really helpful therapy on the subjects of grasping and letting go of insensitivity in those around me.

I'm ready and I'm giving Patsy another shot. Unless I don't get to my laundry by Thursday. Or I really feel a need to take a nap because of this darn time change. Or something. But seriously, that's it...I'm going this time, and Patsy's going. It's like we're going together. I'll have a report on BB here in a few days.

Yes, I am one of those people who shorten things down to an acronym when they really are short enough already and don't need acronymization.

On the subject of Patsy v. Heather (or Madrid v. Twistedly Kindler, Gentler Domenici Disciple [TKGDD] if you prefer a more respectful use of last names), my only current wager on the race is a six-pack of beer. That needs to change. So I'm making an all-call to those who wanna make an early season friendly wager on the House One race. I'll take the incumbent. No, you don't get points, or odds. Straight up, I've got Heather (AKA TKGDD) and you take Patsy.

I didn't say that's what I WANT to happen (not yet anyway...I still have the long-awaited date with Patsy coming up). It's just what I think WILL happen. You know, incumbents, never underestimate the stupidity of the American people...that sort of thing.

By the way, if brazenly announcing public call-outs for wagers on political races is illegal in New Mexico, that's pretty lame. Still, if so I'll add one of those disclaimers that my discussing the issue is purely for informational purposes only. And I'll post a Gambler's Anonymous 800 number, and make it flash at the bottom of the screen, along with a picture of our current NM Attorney General. I promise.

And for those of you still thinking it over, I'm not talking about some weak-ass Miller Light crap, but a six-pack of Stone IPA or equivalent. Let's get serious here.

We need something to liven up this heretofore less-than-tantalizing political season, and talking about Big Bill being below 60% sure ain't gonna do it. And that's when you roll out the rampant gambling and beer. Works every time.

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