Thursday, August 24, 2006

Burque Babble Touring Company and Road Show

Attention Burque Babblers/Babblistas/Babbalothians:

I'm taking this schtick on the Bloggin' Road for a couple of weeks, sitting in for Emily Esterson (yeah, the Emily Esterson who's my wife) at New West. Seems she's in Germany and they evidently don't have electricity or the "internets" over there, and she roped me into doing it. Actually, she's attending a bunch of horse shows on a working vacation, one she deserves especially if it's a bit weak on the working part.

So, I'll be dual posting my stuff here and at New West (you didn't think I would actually work harder doing this, did you?). Just wanted you to know here at the Babble in case you happened across the much nicer Bloggin' pasture of New West, saw some tripe you'd already seen here in the Bloggin' ghetto, and got some cognitive dissonance weirdness or something as a result.

Readers can be assured that the quality of entries will not be artificially raised during this period; you can rely that the postings will be of the same mediocre quality that has made Burque Babble one of the 4-5 million best blogs in Albuquerque. They'll just be mediocre blog entries with those really pretty orange backgrounds they have at New West.

Then my wife will get back from Germany and things will get back to normal. In more ways than one. Now please excuse me, I have to go put on my bloggin' tuxedo, tails and top hat. They're a pretty formal bunch over there at the Land of Orange Backgrounds.

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