Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sandia Climb Update

I know many of you are hanging on, unable to breathe, waiting to hear word on whether I "summited" Sandia Crest via bike today. I humbly report that I was successful. Albuquerque is as green as I have ever seen it, and the sight from the Crest among scattered tourists was damn nice given that greenery and the fact that brown cloud was reduced due to the rains. It was an all-around nice feeling.

A few seconds after stopping amongst the tourists to sweatily witness this sight, our collective reverie was broken as a heavily grunting cyclist powered up the American for Disability Act ramp and joined us wheezing and moaning in an orgasmic fashion not commonly heard during daylight hours at Sandia Crest. The ultra-triathlete uber-human then expectorated repeatedly, continuing to wheeze, grunt and exhale violently.

I silently walked my bike down to the parking lot, cruised down the mountain and left the ultra-triathlete uber human to sweat, grunt and spit on the nice older folks from Minnesota and other tourists. Guess I'm just not uber-human enough to be THAT kind of cyclist.

Oh, and tomorrow I'll get to those standardized test results, "Adequate Yearly Progress" and all that. Right now, I just want to lie down. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I gotta milk this for something. Go get me a drink.

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