Monday, August 14, 2006

I Wany My Bal-Co-Ny

Between the restart of the J.O.B. and the neverending need to kill the weed forest in my yard the blog has suffered a bit. Maybe the world is actually a better place without another 2,000 word misssive on standardized test scores. I dunno.

Real quick...I notice in today's Journal that Bernalillo County Commissioner Deanna Archuleta is leading the charge for yet another attempt to renovate the Hiland Theatre into a bona-fide performing arts center. $10 million is the estimate to do the job right, and I'm guessing that doesn't mean a Just-Like-the-Lensic-incredible job, but more like a We'll-Make-the-Hiland-Smell-Go-Away-and-
Stick-Some-New-Chairs-In-The-Joint kinda job.

My suggestion: Let's just buy the Lobo Theatre. We should have done it years ago, it's already cleaned up, and it's more conducive to showing films than the longer, skinnier Hiland. There's also that balcony. Gotta have a balcony.

Okay, back to killin' weeds and edumucating chilluns.

P.S.: I can't remember...does Hiland have a balcony? If so, it doesn't matter...I want a memorable balcony, and I remember many hours draped over many chairs and the balcony rail at the Lobo. All I remember about the Hiland is that it smelled even worse than the Lobo did.

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Michelle Meaders said...

Good idea! In that article, the list of "other performance spaces in the community" also left out the Kiva Auditorium downtown, the Continuing Eduction auditorium at UNM, Simms at Albuq. Academy, and any other school, museum, or church facilty. And it lumped the three theaters at Popejoy (UNM) and at the Hispanic Cultural Center into one mention each. Much as I'd like to have the Hiland open again in the neighborhood, I think we have plenty of halls; what we need is money to support the theater companies. Some of that is supposed to come from the 3/16 quality of life sales tax increase, also to be voted on this November.