Thursday, August 17, 2006

Robert Vigil: The Sequel To Drool Over

Man, I absolutely cannot wait for "Robert Vigil II: This Time It's Personal!". I usually don't get into trials, criminal or civil, but this Vigil shindig has everything, including current NM State Treasurer Doug Brown in today's Tribune describing the Vigil reign with quote phrases like "rogue clique", "systematic, pervasive corruption" and "closest thing to a soverign nation I could think of".

Now that's good stuff, and we haven't even mentioned the bugging equipment, altered personnel files and "indications a worker's computer had been hacked in order to plant inappropriate material on it". Now that's some good politiporn (trademark pending) right there.

But, like those TV ads for colon cleaning products that's not all. If you order now, you also get free Vigil blowback into the Wilson/Madrid U.S. House race. No confirmation, by the way, on whether the Wilson campaign has perfected technology which would allow Wilson and her Sandia National Lab henchmen to place a 3-D holographic image of Robert Vigil inches away from Patsy Madrid at all times, day and night. Of course, the team at SNL is working with the infamous "Smug Vigil With Hands in Pockets, Expensive Suit" photo that we see over the shoulder of every talking head newsperson when they are reading a Vigil story. Here is that photo now.

Now every great political downfall trial needs a comic relief character, and ably filling that role is noted publicity-addict Sam Bregman. Warming up the Vigil II frenzy like any good comic, Bregman argued for a change-of-venue outside of New Mexico because Vigil's picture has been in tons of Wilson ads bashing Madrid. Sam Bregman saying the case has become too high-profile to be fair is like Jeffrey Dahmer saying Milwaukee has become too dangerous because of all the mass murderers.

And that's another reason "Vigil II: This Time It's Personal" is so great. It's NOT a mass murder trial. It's not O.J.. It's not Scott Peterson. It's just good ol' fashioned political corruption, and lots and lots and lots of it.

There's so much, in fact, that one trial couldn't hope to capture it all. Maybe that juror from Roswell who hung the first trial knew that and acted in the best interest of all us politiporn addicts. I personally thank Delmus Holdson of Roswell for taking that important action in the first trial and making this second trial possible. Of course, I'd thank Mr. Holdson more if he would volunteer to pony up the money for this second trial, but maybe the court could sell the proceedings Pay-Per-View.

I, for one, would pay $14.95 a week for unlimited access to "systematic, pervasive corruption", especially if includes significant "
indications a worker's computer had been hacked in order to plant inappropriate material on it". Hell, I'd drop my Netflix for a few months for a big steaming ladle of Vigil action. Who needs movies when you got "rogue cliques"?

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