Friday, September 15, 2006

Speaking Frankly About Franking

Two of my most loved words in the English Language are "disingenuous" and "franking". For those who didn't pay attention during Chapter 14 of their U.S. Government textbook: "The Legislative Branch", franking and the "franking privilege" refer to the fact that members of Congress can send periodic "informational" mailings at taxpayers expense that highlight what a great job the Congressperson is doing.

Today's story that the Heather Wilson campaign has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding mailings from AG Patricia Madrid office allows me to combine these two words I love so much. As in, how frankin' disingenuous is it for Heather Wilson to complain about taxpayer-funded political mailings when Wilson herself franks with the best of 'em? Yes, I love the word "franking" in part because it sounds like a potent swear word, something illegal, or both.

I still hold on to a franker from Wilson sent sometime earlier this year entitled "Building on Success". This is the one that has the following text under a header entitled "Keeping Our Families Safe": "We want to be safe at home. Evil people have used our freedom and open way of life to kill us." Trust me if you haven't kept your copy of "Building on Success" magneted to the refrigerator, it gets worse from there. The entire mailed document is a very nicely designed two-sided cardstock pile o' steaming Heather. We've all gotten plenty of these fancy self-congratulatory Wilson promos during her time in Washington.

So now the Wilson campaign is trying to criticize AG Madrid for doing something similar? What a load of disingenuous frankitude. I'm frankly not amazed that Wilson would stoop so franking low with the race so close, but I'm a bit franked about the disingenuousness of it all.

I'm not a fan of the franking privilege, and personally wish all these type mailings would stop, federal or state, Republican or Democratic in origin, but I am a fan of frivolous "complaints" that allow me to wallow in use of the words "disingenuous" and "franking". So, thanks Wilson campaign...what other disingenuous crap can you come up with to titillate my love of the word "disingenuous"?


John said...

Hey Scott, liked your presence on 'The Line.' Why is it that republicans are so opposed to public works projects, yet happy to give big corporations bonds, tax breaks, and development money?

frannyzoo said...

John: Thanks for liking my presence...I'm pretty sure I didn't but then I couldn't bear to watch. As for Republicans and their public handout preferences, can I use that disingenuous word again?