Thursday, September 21, 2006

Unchained Medley Featuring Lyons and Baca, Together For the Memories

Good morning:

Still no response from folks at ABQ Ride regarding this email from me complaining about a hideous bus ride I had a while back That rumbling sound you hear throughout ABQ is my teeth grinding derisively in the general direction of Greg Payne.

Went to the Lyons/Baca "forum" last night, and boy am I sleepy. I'll have more to say about it later, but I'll tell ya now it wasn't the most captivating of events. The main reason was that it was a League of Women Voters "forum", not a debate. That means no rebuttals. A "forum" without rebuttals is like a party without alcohol. In other parlance, last night's event was a soiree, not a shindig. I don't need tons of yelling, clapping and screaming at such an event, but I do need some rebuttals and follow-up on points. Otherwise it's like we're all just drinking herbal tea and eating cucumber sandwiches.

Sometimes it's hard not to come away from a post thinking that the real campaign JoeMonahan is covering is JoeMonahan's campaign to be universally perceived as important. Today he's gloating about being a New Mexico Business Weekly "Power Broker". Not exactly up there with winning a Nobel or Pulitzer, but I'm sure JoeMonahan is working behind the scenes to get one of those, too, for JoeMonahan.

Lastly, some of us root for New Mexico sports teams, some of us root for Pat Lyons or Jim Baca. Me, I've been rooting all year for Burque to officially get to 10 inches of precipitation for the year. With the .31 of rain at the Sunport last night we're almost there at 9.84 inches. As many of you know, the Sunport has been on the low side of this year's relative deluge and it's been a struggle to get up to 10 full inches. Sorta like being a Cubs fan or something. But we can make it! Just one more decent rain will put us over the top! As a fan who's followed this year's rain since way back before the record Summer o' '06 monsoon I know there's been times of doubt...times when it just seemed like a dream. Remember back to late May? We were totally out of it...but by getting back to the fundamentals of atmospheric moisture, convection and some solid hurricane remnants we've now got a chance. A good chance. Go, team, go! Block that La Nina! Fight, team, fight!

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