Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Too Busy For a Witty Title: LyonsBacaMadridWilsonAPSJumble

There's just too much going on these days. Between all the debates, the 73 trillion blogs to read and my own deeply honed laziness I'm just not getting to everything I want. Take tonight's Lyons/Baca land Commissioner debate at the Unitarian Church on Carlisle. I want to go, heck I want to live blog it (last time I was there I found plenty of wifi network opportunities, but no unsecured ones [any tips/passwords for me on this?]).

Picture Deleted due to threatened lawsuit (it feels so good to feel important!)
Commissioner Patrick Lyons has a hat you could drill for oil & gas with

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not a big believer in the power of debates to swing elections, but I'm guessing a Lyons/Baca shindig should be good for plenty of laughs, while also dealing with environmental issues that I often find more dear to me than issues dealing with people these days. Plus, I need a Madrid/Wilson break. I'm guessing Madrid and Wilson would probably like a Madrid/Wilson break at this point.

Lastly, a big tip of the Patrick Lyons gigantic white faux cowboy hat to those who voted to pass the APS bond issue yesterday. Amid all the talk about how awful APS is, it's good to have evidence that support exists to the tune of $350 million or so. It was interesting to read in this morning's Journal that a group of Westsiders want to break away from APS, new bond money or no, but I have no problem with the Westside seceding from Albuquerque altogether. We can start with the school district, then blow up the Paseo, Montano and Alameda bridges. We'll be sure to use environmentally friendly explosives to protect the river and its surroundings.

Better leave the Rio Bravo bridge down south, as I live just on the west side of it. Then again, it's been a while since the South Valley screamed to secede from APS.

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