Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two Bits! Four Bits! Bill Richardson, Who Cares!

Does anyone have a fancy psychological term for that condition of tribalism in which I'm supposed to care about Bill Richardson because he happens to be the governor of the state I live in?

Whatever that term is, it's the same thing that forced me to sit through, absolutely required, pep rallies for the Weatherford H.S. (Texas) Kangaroos every Friday afternoon during football season, based on the concept my high school was better simply for the fact that I attended it, and that I should therefore give a rat's ass about my high school football team.

And yes, my high school mascot was the kangaroo. And yes, Weatherford is not in Australia, but North Central Texas.

But getting back to Richardson, I really don't care about his performance on "Meet The Press", how he does at debates held 18 months prior to the election, or pretty much anything about him at this point. In other words, I feel about him the same way I feel about every '08 Presidential candidate at this point (well, except for Giuliani who just creeps me out no end). I'll care about Big Bill when I'm good and ready, and no amount of hometeam pep rallies, in-depth media profiles and blatant tribal appeals is gonna change that.

Rah. Rah. Blah.

P.S.: Many countries have 30-day "official" campaign periods, and elections can be triggered by mid-term elections and resulting "no-confidence" votes. I'm not saying such a system is perfect, but can any election/campaign system be more screwed up than "ours" currently is? Well, outside of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, anyway.


Catmoves said...

Who cares? It should be the people of New Mexico who are being shortchanged by the carpetbagger's disappearance from our state when our schools are failing, affordable health care has disappeared from here and incompetence is rife all state government offices. Why you should have cared is really obvious. Russert ripped him a new you know what and exposed him as the generalist and unfit that he is. You should be able to find the script on now.

Kelsey Atherton said...

A limited campaign season really does make sense, and it would certainly help make campaigns an easier thing for people who don't have $25 million to throw around two years before an election.