Monday, May 14, 2007

When NetSurfing Wasn't Even Boogie-Boarding: Slow Internet Memories

You know, if everyone in ABQ waiting for their DukeCityFix page to load were to spend that waiting time working for OXFAM, the problem of world hunger might have already been solved.

Not definitely, but it might.

The DCF wait is kinda quaint though, reminiscent of my 14.4 dial-up service via APS circa 1996. I promise I won't talk any more about APS, but I did come to find out the other day that The District still has its own dial-up service (I found out because the IT Help Desk emailed everyone that the dial-up was down). Not to get all "Net snobby...but who is still using dial-up? Yeah, I know..that sounds pretty "Net snobby in that gear-head mountain climber or cyclist sort of way. But really, who still uses dial-up?

And speaking of 'Net circa 1996, here is a short list of sites I regularly went to way back when in the distant Netocratic past and never go to anymore:

  • Cafe Utne (it's now call the "New Cafe", and I know that only because I just looked)
  • Altavista and Dogpile
  • Travelocity (that might have been closer to 1998 or so)
  • Webmuseum (remember this was great! It had like paintings and stuff...and it still does)
  • Mirsky's Worst of the Web (I've already mentioned this one before some time back)
  • Live365 (my classes at school set up their own radio stations...but we could never hear them because of throughput issues
  • Those aggravating email programs at UNM like PINE, MULBERRY and some other trees that I wanted to eliminate from the entire planet simply by their association to these irritating email programs
I could use some help on this, am I drawing a blank and don't want to wiki my way back to historical coherence. Any other sites of yore that bring back happy memories of 1996, a 14.4 modem and a healthy wait to get any pictures to load, whatsoever?

P.S.: Animated gifs. Just saying that term make me smile uncontrollably. Oh the world before Flash.

P.P.S.: Thanks DCF for slowing down and bringing back the memories. Anybody else got any? I'm still largely drawing a blank...don't tell me those thousands of 'Net hours circa 1996 were all wasted. No way.

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