Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weekend Odds and Sods

A few things to clean up a muddy week:

  • Yes, that is me on the KNME show "The Line". I've avoided bringing it up here mainly because the topic's surfacing immediately overwhelms my typing fingers with all the disclaimers, apologies, ambivalence and horror my brain wants my fingers to express on the subject. Let's just say I'm a somewhat "accidental panelist" on the show, and leave my typing fingers largely unused beyond that simple statement on this particular subject. Oh, and to mention that it's only fun to do because the other panelists are just so darn nice. Very good people and extremely convivial, even when I say things like Marty Chavez will stab Pete Domenici in the political back. Which is what I think I said on this past week's show...I don't know, I never watch it (and never will). By the way, I really do think Chavez will end up running against Domenici, as I stated here earlier in the week. But enough of that. I'm supposed to be on the show the next two weeks as well, unless the KNME people wise up in the meantime.
  • And yeah, while we on the "faux king of all media" front, that's me appearing every other Wednesday or so in the Albuquerque Tribune as an "opinion columnist". It's kinda cool, because it's basically just me saying the same stupid things I put in Burque Babble, but with a totally different readership. As in, there is a readership. A readership exists, and this readership seems to consists almost entirely of APS schoolteachers, at least based on the number of colleagues I barely know coming up to me and saying they read the column. By the way, these colleague interactions are invariably awkward and end up with me pretending to look for imaginary rocks on the floor/ground. I have always agreed with Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye when he said "If I were a piano player, I'd play it in the goddamn closet." In fact, merely mentioning this TV and newspaper stuff makes me feel slightly nauseous. Let's move on, and never bring this up again here.
  • I rode the Rail Runner again, but I've already promised I won't write about it every single time I ride. So I'll wait until I've ridden a few more times. Let's just say for now that I have devised the greatest transportation schema in the history of public transit history. Speaking humbly, of course.
  • I promise to have less stuff in here about me, and more about how Marty Chavez is going to stab Pete Domenici in the political back.
  • I would have more stuff like that right now, but we seem to be going through a bit of a news lull here in Burque. It certainly doesn't help that the Metropolitan Courthouse corruption case might be delayed. My eager anticipation at 24/7 Manny Aragon coverage in this matter has been far from satiated. We want daily "Entertainment Tonight news coverage" of Manny, Marc Shiff and the rest of the alleged corruptogang. I especially want to hear more about Sandra Mata Martinez, the wife of former Metro court administrator Toby Martinez, who was (allegedly) writing some big 'ol ass checks to herself. Mondo $400k kinda checks. Sometimes Burque just needs a NY Post in the worst way, if you get my meaning.
  • Lastly, a short note to the ABQJournal web site. It's time to replace the required ad announcing that the Rio Rancho Journal is starting October 22nd, of 2006. You know, the ad with the Journal sports staff going after some guy's Fruit Loops? The one that you just can't reach for the mute button fast enough for by this point? The one that makes you wonder why the Fruit Loop eating homeowner just didn't open fire on the incoming, rather scary looking, sports staffers? That one? Well, it's time for a new one, Journal. Maybe you can make a new one announcing ABQ's 300th Anniversary or something. That would be just about as topical as this Rio Rancho Journal starts 10.22.06 thing.


Natalie said...

No kidding on that Journal thing. Drives. Me. Nuts.
I'm actually getting pretty quick on hitting the volume key, however.
That would be the only silver lining to this crock-o-ick.

Anonymous said...

I thought you did great on The Line. They can use more fresh voices.
If ABQ news is in a lull maybe you might consider writing about the student loans scandal. Note that this story in the NYT refers to "a New Mexico lender." Who might that be?