Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back In Town And The Gutter Appears Full

Back from the South San Juans, tanned, rested, only slightly mosquito-bitten, and voyeur of a pleasant and pleasantly distant tableaux of a large black bear sow and her three cubs along a drainage near the Continental Divide. Throw in a large elkherd and about 30 miles of hiking and it was a very good week.

Meanwhile, in these dog days of a summer well prior to Election '08, a dearth of news is somewhat spiced with an attempt to recall ABQ City Councilor Don Harris. Sweet of the "New Mexicans for Democracy" (the uber-controversially named group behind the recall) to liven up these dull and impotent impeachment-free days with a bit of revolution.

Personally, I'm having a hard time picking a dog in this Harris fight, and speaking of Michael Vick (yikes, a week in the woods has done nothing to relieve my snarkiness) I can't wait to see the full weight of PETA crashing down on the beleaguered Falcons QB like the Steel Curtain , Doomsday Defense and Orange Crush simultaneously. And you're right, I pretty much stopped watching NFL football back in the late 70s.

Oh well, better to rejoin the Great Outdoors than muck about with all these snarling bears of celebrity and vice. Time for a bike ride. If you call riding a bike down Isleta Blvd. "Great" or the "Outdoors".

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