Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Mid-Summer Morning 's Questions

Prologue: Guess Pete Domenici's: A. running in '08, no doubt; B. a little worried about '08, most probably; C. Not quite as irrelevant as some thought/think; D. Perhaps still ticked off about the immigration bill and the lameness of the duck who was supposedly gonna get it over the hump....

Don't you loathe those lazy columnists who write simple laundry list columns of non-sequitur points & questions instead of anything resembling a coherent point?

Well bring on the loathing people, because we're taking a short break from writing 1500 word incoherent essays here to meekly construct a list of questions for which we'd like to have answers. Burque Babble readers, all X of them (where X = a really small number your humble blogster is embarrassed to even type), are encouraged to respond with answers if you have them, or even if you don't and just want to start ranting about something. In other words, I write little and do almost nothing, then you guys come through with the actual work/answers.

What a plan! And now the questions:

  1. Who is currently planning on running against Teresa Cordova for Bernalillo County Commissioner District 2 in 2008?
  2. How many sportswriters currently have a finished, yet unpublished, story waiting on their computers with the tentative headline "Yanks fire Torre, Girardi Possible Replacement"?
  3. Was the dramatically lower number of gun firings during last night's July 4th Explosofest down here in the South Valley the result of me criticizing and making fun of these idiots? Or did the rain have something to do with it? Or did Rio Grande HS science teachers do a better job of explaining gravity this year? Or did revelers just decide to stop shooting in the air and start firing at people in nearby cars instead?
  4. Which of the following will occur first: George W. Bush will leave the office of President or the Abq Journal will change their "sports guys invade dude's home during breakfast" video ad prior to allowing deadbeat non-payers access to their "premium content"?
  5. Speaking of W leaving office....which number will eventually be higher: the number of impeachment posts on Daily Kos or the number of "the real estate market is really hot in Burque" posts on Duke City Fix?
  6. If Mayor Marty is successful in moving some or all of the Barelas/downtown homeless shelters, to which part of town will/should they move? May I suggest Hoffmantown Shopping Center or the Outpost Ice Arena in the far Northeast Heights?
  7. Anybody want to guess an outcome regarding this year's job performance review for APS Superintendent Beth Everitt? Did you know she's making $183,740 a year? Neither did I.
  8. What are the chances your humble blogger will follow through with his plan to participate in this year's Duke City Half Marathon in October? How about the chances he finishes? Finishes without having a heart attack or other life-ending injury?
  9. Getting back to the Teresa Cordova question above, did anybody attend the Democratic Party July 4th shindig? Did I miss anything? Were Independent or Green saboteurs shot on sight, or still given free hotdogs?
I've got other questions, but they get even stupider than those listed above. Meanwhile, I better get jogging. At my current running pace I would finish this October's Duke City 1/2 marathon right about the time G.W. Bush is scheduled to leave office.


Anonymous said...

On #1, I thought your golden was going to run? No really, she is slated to replace do nothing Delores on the do nothing school board.

#7 Since Paula hasn't started thinking about it and Robert is still in love with Beth and Mary Lee hasn't really decided which way the wind is blowing, and no one has checked to see if Berna is still breathing well the handwriting, or graffiti is on the wall so to speak. Poor, poor Marty is left dangling in the wind, trying to get an audit done that no one, and I mean no one, on the Board or Administration wants. The Board doesn't care if the entire teaching force, students and parents, to say nothing of the general taxpaying public are demanding one. My experienced guess, born on the experience of watching APS from my little classroom for more than 34 years is..... nothing is going to happen. Nothing, nada, no where, no how. She'll hire more spin doctors, and deputy superintendents to insulate her and life as we know it in the APS will go on as before. Personally, I'd love to see a breakdown of non teachers, or non site personnel published, along with their job descriptions and salaries. Can you imagine the general public then!

michelle meaders said...

#9. We went to the picnic at Elena Gallegos. The shelter roof and the breeze kept it cooler than we had expected. There was lots of good food, and I don't think anyone's credentials were checked. Martin Heinrich made a good speech about why he's running for Congress, and Brian Colon, the new state party chair, stopped in.

Natalie said...

1. Nelinda Venegas (ha...hahaha... ha, ut oh)
2. Let's see... hmmm... three of them? That's my last count but then I finally just bought a Journal account so I don't have to watch that stupid video anymore.
3. Yes. Yes. No, they're still mad. Yes. Thanks!
4. No and not likely so I'm goin' with my first answer, Nelinda Venegas. (lol)
5. They'll be about the same. And, eventually, one of those three sports writers will get published.
6. My guess is Pajarita or along the Bosque. Outta sight, outta mind... until the porta-potty gets outta control.
7. I'm guessin' she's not really expecting a raise or a rise out of this. Unlike the principal move, she's got one more year...
8. Go ahead; take a walk on the wild side.
9. No, I didn't. But I bet Nelinda Venegas did.